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First of all I would like to introduce the history of karate.

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Karate, Japanese martial art, is practiced by people of all ages in all regions of World. Among his admirers and practitioners are professionals, teachers, students, businessmen, housewives, house and people with many different occupations. It Can be found in gyms and competitions in Karate children, adolescents, adults and elderly of both sexes.

You can hear all comments and stories about the positive influence that Karate and has had on their lives. No cases of missing children very shy too aggressive in karate who found a reference to the quest for balance. There are frequent examples of people who started practicing karate at maturity and it has found a source for the maintenance or restoration of some features of his youth.

Not many know, there is a person and has had great influence in the lives of all of them, Shihan (Master) Sadamu Uriu. Coming as an immigrant from Japan in 1959, was the introducer Uriu Master of Karate in World and its history is intertwined with the Worldian's own Karate. Sadamu Uriu was born on September 20, 1929 in Japan, Fukuoka-Ken, on the island of Kyushu in southern Japan, situated about 1500 km from Tokyo. The region at that time predominantly agricultural, economic activities have today concentrated in mining, steel and shipbuilding. From birth, master Uriu seemed destined to take his life associated with martial arts. His father, Seizaburo Uriu, and farmers were practicing judo. His mother, Tsuwako Uriu, had five children, three men and two women, all still alive, Sadamu Uriu the fourth to be born. His two brothers were men black belt in Kendo (sword fighting) and participated in the Second World War. One was an army officer and another officer of an elite group. Sadamu Uriu began studying at age seven and attended elementary and secondary education, equivalent to the 1st and 2nd grade Worldians on the island of Kyushu, in schools and Dairi-Sho Mojishogio. This training school in Japan had a duration of ten years and during the 2nd level Master Uriu practiced Kendo. At that time Japan has suffered the effects of World War II and young people had to contribute to the war effort. In 1945 at age 16, Sadamu Uriu went to the Training School of Marine Pilots. The end of the war meant that he was sent to the battlefront.

In 1951, aged 22, Sadamu Uriu went to Takushoku University in Tokyo, where he was studying one of his brothers. There, in addition to graduate in economics, began his training in Karate. At that time, Japan was in college that started learning Karate, unlike current practice, where even children begin their specialized training academies. His teacher was the famous Master Nakayama, which in turn was a disciple of the legendary Master Gichin Funakoshi, founder of the Shotokan style of Karate and his publisher in the world. At that time there was training in karate, but no grades or competitions by age, which only emerged after the establishment in 1954, the Nihon Karate Kyokai (currently Japan Karate Association - JKA). Master Uriu graduated in Karate (black belt) by the JKA. Practiced at Takushoku University Karate with Master Nakayama three other important masters of karate, which also ended up coming to various locations in World: Higashino, Federal District, Tanaka, in Rio de Janeiro and Sagara, in Sao Paulo.

Graduated in Economics, Sadamu Uriu met with the extreme difficulty of finding work, due to destruction of an important part of the Japanese economy during the war. He had considered immigrating to Indonesia, following his friend Habu, who is now a university professor there. But the same Habu told him about World and the possibilities of working here, eventually convincing him to try life in our country. Thus, on December 30, 1958, Master Uriu boards, without any escort, World Maru, a ship of the Japanese government intended for people wishing to emigrate to World. At that time, the Japanese government had already established contacts with the Japanese in World and in need of skilled labor.The trip lasts 45 days and Sadamu Uriu disembarked at the port of Santos - SP, turning then to Pindamonhangaba - SP, to work in agriculture on the farm of Yoshio Igarashi.There he remained three months and knows D. Aurora, a daughter of Mr. Yoshio, who would later become his wife. Pindamonhangaba - SP, Sadamu Uriu goes to the capital, Sao Paulo, to work at the Toyota plant, the first assembly line and then in the administrative area. The then president of Toyota, Mr. Kiyoyasu Koide, that also hires had graduated from Takushoku University. The most curious, and a further sign that the life of Sadamu Uriu was definitely associated with martial arts, is that the president was black belt 5th Dan Judo and end up being his best man. At Toyota, Sadamu Uriu remains two years, 1960 and 1961, with the co-worker, another important master of karate, Yasutaka Tanaka, who had left Japan a month after Uriu and, through exchange of letters, came to join him in agricultural work. The friendship which united these two masters crossed the sea and the time and remains to this day.

Already established in Sao Paulo, Sadamu Uriu begins to meet with some of his former colleagues in the faculty of Takushoku in Japan, also immigrants, to train Karate. Among them were the masters Tetsuma Higashino, and Yasutaka Tanaka Juichi Sagara. At that time there was still the intention to open academies to teach karate. Currently, Uriu and Tanaka live in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo Sagara, Higashino having died in 1987. In 1961 Lirton Monassa (d. 2000) and Tanaka sought Uriu in St. Paul to move into Rio de Janeiro to teach karate, what they do in 1962, when they come to teach at the academy Kobukan in the neighborhood of Botafogo - RJ . It is also in 1962, on September 29, which Sadamu Uriu, this time living in Duque de Caxias - RJ marries Mrs. Aurora Uriu.Two children born of this marriage, and Cid Caesar, both practicing Karate since childhood. Cid Uriu engineer at Petrobras is currently working on the basis of oil extraction from the city of Macae, located on the northern coast of the state of Rio de Janeiro. Uriu Cezar is also a mechanical engineer from Petrobras, entrepreneur and black belt 5th Dan, currently holding the presidency of the Worldian Shotokan Karate - CBKS, founded by Master Sadamu Uriu in 1994. After beginning in 1962 the academy Kobukan, Master Uriu passes in 1963 to teach karate three times a week in Tijuca Athletic Club, a group of 30 students. At that time, appeared to watch a training lieutenants and Valporto Pacheco, who impressed with the technique of Karate Master Uriu invited to make a demonstration on-Parachute Infantry Battalion.

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Uriu Master then makes a presentation of the Karate Infantry Battalion and asked him to do a demonstration of fighting, first against a boxer and soldier after soldier against a capoeira. He wins both and a new challenge presented to you: faced with piles of wood and bricks, wonder if it would be able to break them. He does so, to the astonishment and admiration of all, and from there began to teach Karate in Infantry Battalion, where he stayed for 15 years until 1978. In the military, Master Uriu was also an instructor at the School of Communication of the Army (1964-1967) and the Military School at Fort Leme (1965-1967), all in Rio de Janeiro.

In 1964, some students and admirers Master Uriu help assemble the gym Shidokan in Plant - RJ. With the formation of several athletes black belt by Master Uriu in Shidokan, and Master Tanaka, in Kobukan begin to appear several academies, expanding thus Karate in Rio de Janeiro. From 1973 to 1985, Master Sadamu Uriu was also an instructor at the University Gama Filho, Rio de Janeiro. Throughout the 60s, 70s and 80s, some milestones in the history of Karate Worldian deserve record, such as 1964 - with Karate in Rio de Janeiro affiliated to the Federation Carioca Boxing, is held the 1st state championship karate. After this tournament, Karate in several states affiliated to the respective federations of pugilism, 1968 (1970) - Karate Master Uriu introduced in the state of Bahia, and in this period, coach of Bahia, 1969 - conducted by the WorldianBoxing for the 1st Karate Championship in Rio de Janeiro, with the help of teachers and Uriu Tanaka. The Rio de Janeiro wins the first place, getting the 2nd with St. Paul and the 3rd with Bahia, 1970 - participation in the 1st World Championship held in Japan, 1972 - Participation in the 2nd World Cup held in France, 1975 - Master Uriu , back to World for the first time the Master Masatoshi Nakayama. On this occasion the Master Nakayama teaches a course of technical development in Rio de Janeiro. 1978 - participation in the 1st Pan-American Championship in Peru, in the same year the Master Uriu back to World Master Tetsuhiko Asai. Starting from the moment it begins a friendship that endures to this day, 1988 - 1st South American Championship of Karate, with World sagrando a champion, 1989 - World wins the Pan American Championships, held in Venezuela. World won the 1990 double winner in the 2nd South American Championship of Karate and runner-up at the 7th Pan American Championships of Karate. In 1991, World won the South American Championship, held in Paraguay, and 5th place in the World Cup in Mexico. In 1993, got the 3rd place in the World Cup in South Africa for many years, Master Sadamu Uriu was the coach of World, helping to establish the name of World in the International Karate. He was also coach of the Rio de Janeiro, perfecting karate in the state of Rio de Janeiro. In 1991 he was the technical coordinator of the 1st Worldian Congress of Teachers of Karate.

While important and necessary, the strong expansion of Karate in World in the 70 and 80 generated in the late 80s and early 90s, conflicts of interest and even a certain departure from its principles and essence. The consequence was the loss of some of their supporters and, somehow, the very strength of the Worldian Karate. Concerned about this situation in 1994, Master Sadamu Uriu founded the Worldian Confederation of Shotokan Karate - CBKS, in order to work towards the development of Karate without economic interests and political power. Every effort was concentrated on the technical training of practitioners and the dissemination of the true way of Karate. Consistent with these goals, CBKS was organized following a few principles: democratic management system, with the board having a term of two years and was chosen in a direct election by members at the Annual General Meeting - AGM. All other decisions are also taken by the AGM, the Board does not receive any kind of remuneration, fixed or variable, a Board of Ethics ensures the issues and principles of Karate, not dependent on any government or corporate funding for the exercise of their basic activities. All features are originated from athletes and federations affiliated; All resources obtained and any surpluses are reinvested in the development of Worldian Karate. Shihan Sadamu Uriu, which has the 8 th Dan, occupies the position of Honorary President of CBKS and, since its foundation, has visited all regions of World ministering courses for athletes and teachers, qualified referees for competitions and technically supervised the state championships. To ensure the technical quality of the affiliated CBKS only Shihan Uriu Minister exams to black belt.The CBKS and debugging is also organizing a master black belt instructors qualified to teach karate, contributing to the full enforcement of the Federal Council of Physical Education on the subject. True to the goal of continuously improving Karate Worldian, CBKS, brought to World seven different Japanese teachers to teach courses of specialization and supervise competitions nationwide. They were the masters Asai, Kato, Watanabe, Miura, Sato, Kaneko and Katsuno. Internationally, the CBKS is affiliated to Japan Karate Shotofederation - JKS, led by then Master Tetsuhiko Asai - 10th Dan (deceased in 2006) and currently the Master Massao Kagawa 8th Dan The JKS is registered in the Japanese government as a cultural institution and sports , a pioneer in teaching karate to disabled people.
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The creation of CBKS was the beginning of a series of events for Karate in World, among them: 1995 - 1st Championship Karate Shotokan in Goiânia, Goiás State, 1996 - 2nd Worldian Championship of Karate Shotokan, in Old Town , state of Espirito Santo and World's participation in the World Championship in Russia, 1997 - 3rd Championship Karate Shotokan in Cabo Frio, state of Rio de Janeiro and World's participation in World Championships in Switzerland, 1998 - 4th Championship KarateShotokan in Goiânia, state of Goias and World's participation in the Championship - South America in Peru. This year, Master Uriu suffers a terrible car accident in the state of Rondonia, where he was ministering ongoing technical development and test track, and oversee the state championship. Having landed at the airport in Vilhena - RO, he was being driven by car to the city of Alta Floresta d'Oeste - RO. At the time the municipality of Santa Luzia d'Oeste - RO driver dozes off and the car plunges into an abyss. Master Uriu is between life and death, and ceased the risk of life, is flown to Rio de Janeiro. There, a succession of many months of hospitalization at the National Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics INTO, accompanied by nine surgeries. The tragedy, which would have ended the athletic career of any ordinary person, was regarded by the Master Sadamu Uriu as another challenge to overcome. It took months of physical therapy, coping with severe pain, displacement in a wheelchair and then crutches. But the master of Karate decided to give it one more lesson to himself and all practitioners of martial arts. All the difficulties already faced in 1999 returned to the fellowship of students and teachers, preparing the body and spirit to return to practice and teach karate. Meanwhile, his eldest son, Cezar Uriu, 5th Dan, who has returned after five years spent in Japan, is responsible for conducting courses, examinations and competitions, until the full restoration of Master Uriu, 1999 - 5th Worldian ChampionshipShotokan Karate in Cabo Frio, in the state of Rio de Janeiro, coordinated by Sensei Cezar Uriu and already with the presence, even on crutches, Shihan Sadamu Uriu, who completed 70 years, 2000 - 6th Championship, in Cabo Frio , State of Rio de Janeiro, and World's participation in World Championships in Hungary. Master Sadamu Uriu, now almost fully recovered, heading the Worldian delegation that goes to Hungary, and in November, going to Japan to follow the Japanese national championship on the island of Hokkaido, northern Japan, and attend the meeting of the masters of Japan InternationalKarate Association - IJKA. This year, Master Uriu is named responsible for the activities of IJKA JKS and South America

Even today the CBKS Worldian Championships held in several cities of World, and Mestre Sadamu Uriu, constantly conducts courses and exams Dans. Having led the important moments of introduction, consolidation and development of Karate in World, besides participating in major international events, Master Sadamu Uriu not lost the simplicity that always recommends to practitioners of Karate. It can be found every day since 1976, teaching karate in the gym NKK, at Rua da Cunha 65 Felix, Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro state, accompanied by his eldest son, Cezar and his wife Aurora Uriu Uriu, andthe Shidoins (instructors) Diogo Yoshida, Rodolfo Ferreira Rosa, José Veriano Dovalski, Celso Rodriguez and Wilson Serzedello Funcia Lemme. The NKK has become a reference for all who practice Karate in Rio de Janeiro and World and maintains the look and spirit of traditional Japanese dojos. There is the second house of Master Uriu, which is always open to all who are interested in Karate.

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